VI Congresso Brasileiro de Fisioterapia Neurofuncional

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Brazil, February 1st, 2020 


Collaborator from the World,


Would you like to become a COBRAFIN ambassador in your Nation? 

On behalf of the VI Brazilian Congress on Neurological Physical Therapy (COBRAFIN), I am pleased to invite you to receive a FREE PASS, composing our International Committee  whose mission is announcing the greatest Brazilian scientific event that will discuss how to improve the welfare of the disabled people, focusing on the transition of the biomedical to the psychosocial care approaches, including cross-cutting themes such as:

1. Evidence-based practice,

2. Interprofessional education and collaborative practice,

3. Innovative technologies for disabled people’s welfare and

4. Paralympics sports.  

In this edition, the COBRAFIN becomes open to other professionals who also contribute to improving disabled people’s welfare, fostering experience, exchanging knowledge, and sharing experiences to enable a higher level of discussion during the transition of Winter to Printemps when the Ipês (typical trees from this region) begins their sequence of flowering that paint the Brazilian Capital of purple, pink, yellow and white. Our central theme is:

From neurological towards neuro functioning physical therapy: new approaches for ancient need and nowadays challenges 

Inspired by the large scale achieved in our last edition, this year, we propose the challenge of becoming an international forum. For this reason, we invited you to be our partner in the International Committee. Your mission will be to come to Brazil, accompanied by at least three paying guests, and disseminate the event pieces of information in your Nation. In exchange, we will grant you a free inscription in the VI COBRAFIN. The first collaborator who confirms the three payng guests will occupy this honorable post. So, do not miss the opportunity to represent your Country in our event. During the event, you will take part in a Global Forum to share how your Nation is dealing with disabled people.

To accept the invitation, please send us back giving your agreement, informing the three paid inscriptions to, and uploading a good quality picture of yourself. Then you’ll be included on our website and receive your FREE PASS.


We thank you for your collaboration!

Kind regards,  


Emerson Fachin-Martins

President of the VI COBRAFIN